The Hunger Games

District 13 was destroyed seven years ago. To show Panem how much power the Capitol has, the seventh Hunger Games are about to begin.
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 Story line

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Florencia Fischer
Florencia Fischer

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PostSubject: Story line   Sun 18 Mar 2012, 12:31 pm

The thirteen districts of Panem revolted against the Capitol. Together, they stood strong, but when District 13 was obliterated by the Capitol, resistance became impossible, as 13 was the driving force behind the rebellion. The remaining Districts submitted to the Capitol and lost their hope for change. The Capitol was furious with having just shut down the rebellion.

To show the remaining districts of Panem how much power the Capitol has, the Capitol has come up with a game: the Hunger Games. The Capitol will force twenty-four children into the arena, a boy and a girl from each district, and use hidden cameras to televise the events in order to both entertain the Capitol citizens and remind the rest of Panem how completely at the Capitol's mercy they are.

Panem's seventh Hunger Games coming up soon.
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Story line
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