The Hunger Games

District 13 was destroyed seven years ago. To show Panem how much power the Capitol has, the seventh Hunger Games are about to begin.
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 Florencia Fischer

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Florencia Fischer
Florencia Fischer

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Age : 28
District : Capitol
Job : Escort for District 1

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PostSubject: Florencia Fischer   Florencia Fischer EmptyWed 21 Mar 2012, 8:00 pm

Name: Florencia Fischer
Age: 21
Date of birth: 17 March
District: Capitol
Occupation: Escort for District 1

Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour&style: Pastel pink, usually down in long waves
Height: 5’1”
Body build: Thin
Other(such as tattoos): Multiple ear piercings.

Character likes: Hair, the Capitol, fashion, wealthier districts
Character dislikes: Boring hair, dirty hair, people from poorer districts

Personality: Florencia is quite the snob. She’s a person who judges someone by their looks from the second she sees them. Of course, this can be instantly changed if they have a high status. Towards people from the Capitol or wealthy districts, she can be nice, but anyone from the poorer districts – it’s an instant asking for rudeness.
Character background:
Florencia was born into a wealthy family in the Capitol. Just like most kids from the Capitol, she wasn’t very aware of the details of the rebellion. All she knew was that when she was fourteen, they started the Hunger Games. Her parents seemed to enjoy it very much so as it was pure entertainment to the Capitol. Even though Florencia knew that according to the Capitol, that every district deserves it, she doesn’t fully enjoy them like most of the capital of Panem.

When she was eighteen-years-old, she began to study on cosmetology as what she found most interesting in the Capitol was the fashion, hair styles and hair colours. Of course, she was guilty of dying her hair many times, her signature colour becoming pink. But not long after doing this, she heard of escorting jobs for tributes for the wealthier districts open up. How could she give up such a high positioned job?

Now at the ripe age of twenty-one, she works as the escort for District 1, her favourite district.

Father: Vincent Fischer
Mother: Florence Fischer
Siblings: -
Partner/Spouse: -

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Florencia Fischer
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