The Hunger Games

District 13 was destroyed seven years ago. To show Panem how much power the Capitol has, the seventh Hunger Games are about to begin.
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 Jaylianna Pawley

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Jaylianna Pawley

Jaylianna Pawley

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Age : 22
District : 4
Job : Career Tribute in training

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PostSubject: Jaylianna Pawley   Jaylianna Pawley EmptySat 24 Mar 2012, 4:13 am

Name: Jaylianna Pawley
Age: 15
Date of birth: Jan 2
District: 4
Occupation: Career tribute

Eye colour: brown
Hair colour&style: dark brown hair color & simple but elegant style
Height: 5' 5'
Body build: slim, lean
Other(such as tattoos): none

Character likes: fish and chips, strong allies, handsome men
Character strengths: swimming, running, agility, good one-on-one combat
Character dislikes: weaklings, people who disagree with her, girls who challenge her to steal her guy
Character weaknesses: cooperating in group combat, stubbornness, occasional inability to listen to others, disregard of traps, quick to make rash decisions, and there are few things that can change her mind once she's going her direction

Personality: Jaylianna has a fiery personality, and can be touchy at times. She strongly dislikes being opposed and tends to be arrogant. She is only kind to the ones she is comfortable with and very familiar with. Quick to make rash decisions, her hot temper and stubbornness often get her in trouble. Jaylianna is better suited to working independently but is better off with allies to support her and keep her from swaying into the wrong path. She is very well-coordinated and enjoys doing a daily workout every morning. Swimming is her favorite pastime and running makes her feel alive. Besides training to become a better career tribute, Jaylianna attends parties regularly and is seen flirting with some of the young fishermen and other career tributes.
Character background: Jaylianna was born to parents Elexia Pawley and Ryan Pawley. She is of Asian descent on her mother’s side and European origin on her father’s side. She is native to District 4 of Panem, which specializes in seafood and fishing. She is the youngest, and the only sibling she has is her older sister Kaileen. Jaylianna started training as a career tribute at age 9, when she was convinced to join by her sister. Kaileen's friend, Elysa Colbert, was a victor in the 5th Hunger Games. Inspired by Elysa's victory, Jaylianna decided to train herself more vigorously to become a victor as well. Watching Elysa fight to the death implanted a strong belief in young Jaylianna that winning was the only way to survive and outwit death. Much like her sister (who is also training as a Career Tribute), Jaylianna is already famous in her district for her outstanding athletic ability and looks. She is always searching for ways to become stronger, better, and well-disciplined. She pushes herself to the limits and sets high standards for herself. Trained to be a winner since a young age, Jaylianna is very competitive and does not let anyone stand in her way.

Father: Ryan Pawley
Mother: Elexia Pawley
Siblings: Kaileen Pawley
Partner/Spouse: none
Children: none
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Jaylianna Pawley
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