The Hunger Games

District 13 was destroyed seven years ago. To show Panem how much power the Capitol has, the seventh Hunger Games are about to begin.
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 Bailey Hunter

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Bailey Hunter

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Age : 26
District : 12
Job : Coal Miner

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PostSubject: Bailey Hunter   Bailey Hunter EmptySat 14 Apr 2012, 2:44 pm

Name: Bailey Hunter
Age: 19
Date of birth: 1992?
District: 12
Occupation: Coal Miner

Eye colour: grey
Hair colour&style: jeans, shirts
Height: 5'8
Body build: skinny,thin, but stronger then she looks
Other(such as tattoos): nope

Character likes: hunting, her sister, friends,
Character dislikes: the capital, the hunger games, other people

Personality: she's not real sociable and barley talks to anyone. She's sturborn, indepent, and a little hot headed
Character background: Her older brother almost died when she was 19. She was so close to him that she started backing She loves her little sister to death and her brother.away from everybody she cared about so that wouldn't happen again. She hated the feeling of being helpless and not being able to do anything. She grew up hunting with her brother after she let him back into her life again. They kept their family feed because her father had died when she was 9. He had been killed in a mine when a toxic was in their and nothing had relised it until it was to late.

Father: dead
Mother: Lora Hunter
Siblings: Johney Hunter, Lilly Hunter
Partner/Spouse: boyfriend: Jason Finn
Children: none

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Florencia Fischer
Florencia Fischer

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Age : 28
District : Capitol
Job : Escort for District 1

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PostSubject: Re: Bailey Hunter   Bailey Hunter EmptySat 14 Apr 2012, 9:53 pm

This is straight off the page you got the code from. There are guidelines on it that you were instructed to read.

Florencia Fischer wrote:
Personality: No less than 50 words.
Character background: No less than 150 words. Include their history and family.

Also, for the date of birth, put the day and month.

Bailey Hunter K9ew7d
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Bailey Hunter
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