The Hunger Games

District 13 was destroyed seven years ago. To show Panem how much power the Capitol has, the seventh Hunger Games are about to begin.
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 Araiya Kitely

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Araiya Kiteley

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PostSubject: Araiya Kitely   Araiya Kitely EmptyWed 16 May 2012, 12:37 am

Name: Araiya Kiteley  
Age:sixteen years of age  
Date of birth: nineteenth of november
District: district two although if any of the districts are uneven, I'd be willing to change districts to accommodate
Occupation: tribute for the hunger games, student

Eye color : her eyes are of a soft jade green speckled with bright amber and gold
Hair colour&style: She currently sports a mane that is of a strong ebony color with soft beach waves that curl down to her lower back which creates the envy of most.
Height: Araiya stands at about 5"6, enabling her to still be agile while having the strong build of someone who is of a tall nature
Body build: Growing in a mining district , this femora has always had a lean body. Although quite muscular from past training , she still has soft curves that leave no doubt of her being a young woman
Other(such as tattoos): Araiya does have a scar that descends from her upper right shoulder blade to the middle of her back . Although she never confirmed what it was from, speculations were that her father had done it in a fit of drunken anger before leaving the family or that her brother had gone mad after losing his girlfriend to the hunger games and took out his rage against the beautiful girl.

Character likes: Araiya enjoys attention she gets for her stunning looks. Growing up , it was never hard for her to gain material things or favors from people by simply batting her full lashes and flashing a dazzling ivory smile. Although she may seem like the type of girl who enjoys the finer things in life , she has been trained in different kinds of martial arts as well as the wielding of some weapons to ,with time, thoroughly gain a love for fighting .
Character strengths: As a part of district two , Araiya has been trained her whole life to become one of the best tributes . She is cunning , intelligent , strong and agile for her height. She is strong willed , can easily command attention and become a leader in times of stress. Her father , a black smith , taught her much about geology , minerals and how to fabricate most kinds of weapons as well.  
Character dislikes: Growing up without a father and with a brother who went off the edge young , Araiya has a slight disdain for the male gender . Given that she is a independent and strong girl , she doesn't take well to under achievers or the grunts of the pack. If you do not have anything to offer her , you shouldn't bother wasting her time at all. She does not stand for stupidities and ignorant people but will tolerate them if it is in her best interest.  
Character weaknesses: Having grown up living a semi sheltered lifestyle what with the Capitol so close , this gal has never had to go out into the woods to pick her own food or hunt for animals. She has a limited knowledge of plants , How to create traps and is not used to an environment where she will have to fend for herself. You could say she was taught to fight but not to survive.

Personality: One of the most complex girls you will ever meet , Araiya seems to lead a life with two personalities - one she shows the world and one she keeps to herself. Out in the open , she is a superficial , talented , gorgeous young girl who has it all. She is an admirably great flirt and can get any man - and even some women if she puts in the effort - to bend over backwards to fulfill her every need and desire. Araiya is opinionated , strong , shirt tempered and merciless. She can be quite pushy and although she has never fought anyone outside of training , can be thought as aggressive. If pushed , there is no doubt that she could very well destroy someone , emotionally and physically. She has the gift of being able to toy with peoples emotions and get in their heads to turn them into mindless puppets . She is cold , emotionally distant and unavailable as well as shows barely any compassion. This gorgeous girl with ebony hair always has a sarcastic remark and isn't afraid of outsmarting nor backstabbing anyone. 
What she doesn't show you is that she lies at night , broken and hopeless , almost hoping the hunger games chooses her so that she could prove she is worthy of being alive. Having been abandoned by her father , she longs for approval of the male species yet resents all of them for having caused her so much hurt growing up. She is torn between growing up and staying the child she was not too long ago. She never trusts anyone for history has shown her no one can be given that sort of freedom. If she let someone close and they hurt her , she could very well end up a mess. She has a great love for children although she would never show it given that it might break her reputation as a self centered go getter.Her confidence is shattered although she doesn't Let others in enough for them to see it. She feels alone in the world and has never let anyone close to her , she fears it. She loathes herself for being so guarded yet it was the only thing that has helped her survive through these years .

Character background: Araiya grew up in a favored neighborhood with a father that was a renowned black smith and a mother who was able to stay at home and take care of the children. She had two older siblings at birth , one brother , Xavier , and one sister , Layla. However , not long after this stunning baby had been brought into the world that Layla rebelled and was taken away to the capitol by the peace keepers to never be seen again. She had been made an example to deteriorate any hope or odds of a rebellion.
This tragedy hit home hard and it didn't take much time to see the effects of losing a child on the family. Her mother , already of a weak mental capacity , plunged into a dark abyss we know as depression to never come out of it. Her father tried to maintain his spirit by drinking spirits - turning him into a furious alcoholic that hated life and somehow blamed Araiya for the disappearance of his elderly daughter . 
The little girl grew up in a world of hatred , in a community driven by competition , in a world surrounded by oppression. She quickly learned how to fend for herself in life and how easy it was to charm people into giving her things such as food , clothing , anything she wanted. 
Her father had decided to pass down his knowledge of minerals and black smithing to her older brother . Given that he seemed to despise her for growing more and more looking like Layla , she had been prohibited to learn any of the trade secrets but hid behind the shack where her dad and Xavier had long tutorials , absorbing all the information about weapons and how to mold rocks into whatever you wanted them to become. 
Then , at age twelve , her father took a sudden keen interest in her training as a tribute- probably since it was the only way he'd ever be legally allowed to lay hands on her and have a legitimate excuse for doing so. Araiya saw it all , she would come home with dislocated limbs , at times broken ones at that , bruises the size of apples that swelled up to the size of golfballs and even once , a sword wound. The training was grueling , painful and non stop which with time , made her a wonderful soldier . 
At age fifteen , when things at home seemed to be slightly improving , Xaviers girlfriend was chosen as tribute and was one of the first ones to pass away - after being stabbed by someone from the same district. This made the teenager fall into a crazy depression that ended up with him shutting down and her father deserting the family. It has been a year and a half since the boy has muttered any sound and is forced to eat. He does not move nor make any kind of signs that he is living at times. Araiya has been forced to take care of her brother and mother , both now mentally ill having fallen into a state of oblivion and darkness , barely having the time to take care of herself . Her name has been entered for rations more than most of her classmates yet until now , she has been immune to the curse of the hunger games.

Father: blacksmith , left family. Ethan Kitely
Mother: Lillian Kitely
Siblings: Xavier and Layla Kitely
Partner/Spouse: none , never let anyone that close to her
Children: none
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Araiya Kitely
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