The Hunger Games

District 13 was destroyed seven years ago. To show Panem how much power the Capitol has, the seventh Hunger Games are about to begin.
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 Travis Jacobs

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Travis Jacobs

Travis Jacobs

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Age : 24
District : 8
Job : Student, Factory worker

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Name: Travis Jacobs
Age: 17
Date of birth: September 13
District: 8
Occupation: Factory worker, student

Eye color: Gray
Hair colour&style: Muted blonde, Messy on top of head
Height: 6'
Body build: Just underweight
Other(such as tattoos): Scar from upper left lateral down to lower back from a factory explosion

Character likes: Stealing food for starving families, reading, and avoiding Peacekeepers.
Character strengths: Stealth, trickery, and obscene amount of knowledge.
Character dislikes: Being watched and ordered and fighting.
Character weaknesses: Weapons combat, survival experience, and diplomacy.

Personality: Travis is hotheaded and quick to anger; it usually gets him into dangerous situations, especially with the District Peacekeepers. He has a rebellious streak that he doesn't try to hide, since it's well known about within the District. However, he does try to help those less fortunate, which happens to come out in his criminal activities.
Character background: Travis was born during the hottest September in District 8 history. He has few memories from the Dark Days, but the ones he does have are burned in deep. When the Hunger Games were started, his sister was part of the first group of children eligible to be reaped. The night before, he asked the deity his parents worshiped to keep his sister out in return he'd help people less fortunate than him. When she wasn't reaped, he proceeded to steal five loaves of bread from the baker to give to the poor family who had lost their son to the Games. From then on he was labeled a menace by the Peacekeepers. His father's death when he was 13 also compounded this.

Father: Andrews Jacobs - died in a factory explosion.
Mother: Velveritta Jacobs - homemaker.
Siblings: Three - one older sister (19) and a younger brother (14). The sister is now a dressmaker.
Partner/Spouse: None.
Children: None.
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Travis Jacobs
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